Offshore Wind

Bethlehem Tomorrow supports offshore wind energy! The Port of Albany is developing an expansion site in Bethlehem, where towers will be built for the wind turbines that will be installed in the Atlantic off of Long Island. The Port gave a tour to members of Bethlehem Tomorrow and Capital District Community Energy in March 2021. We were joined by David VanLuven, Bethlehem's Supervisor; we're grateful to David for his early leadership in bringing the wind energy project to Bethlehem.

Several BT members were especially excited to see New York's offshore wind project come to fruition after playing professional roles in its development. David Barnet worked on the environmental impact study at the DEC, Carole Nemore worked on the procurement solicitation at NYSERDA, and Jeremy Snyder produced the first offshore wind resource study for NYSERDA in the early 2000s at a wind energy consultancy.

We thank Georgette Steffens, Rich Hendrick, Megan Daly, John Kosa, Patrick Jordan, and Cheryl Stock from the Port of Albany for taking the time to give us a tour!