The Bethlehem Tomorrow pesticides working group researches alternatives to pesticides and communicates with Town residents about natural methods for growing healthy and attractive lawns and gardens. We also explore improvements to codes and regulations governing pesticides use.

Lawn signs

Join your neighbors in growing healthy, green lawns without pesticides!

Purchase a $15 Pesticide Free sign to proudly display on your front lawn at Wildbird Junction in Delmar, or at the Bethlehem Tomorrow table at the Delmar Farmers Market, select Saturdays: 9am-1pm at the Bethlehem Central Middle School, 332 Kenwood Avenue.

If you have questions, please contact Carole Nemore or Pamela Skripak.

Tips on going pesticide-free

Bethlehem Tomorrow created a flyer with easy tips to follow and compelling reasons why we should avoid using harmful pesticides and herbicides on our lawns and gardens. 

Header Photo Credit: Paul Tick